Regional Liaison Assistant FULLTIME


Closing date : 2017-10-14

Job Description :

    Regional Liaison Assistant

    Support to Establish effective coordination and collaboration among government, non-governmental organizations and local stakeholders focusing on achievement of the following:

    • Act as district level focal point for the Common Feedback Project and Community Engagement issues;
    • Support in the collection of feedback from affected communities collected by local partners and ensure the proper flow of information to and from district, HQ and communities;
    • Support in organizing coordination meetings, sometimes with partner organisations, to disseminate reports and other information products and track follow up/response from partners to community feedback;
    • Coordinate local message production (including in local languages) for closing the feedback loop project components;
    • Support to Oversee and monitor the field work of project implementing partners working in data collection both qualitative and quantitative and closing the feedback loop to ensure quality service delivery;
    • Conduct focus group discussion and key informant interviews as needed;
    • Be prepared to support additional districts in the event of a sudden onset emergency requiring surge capacity.

    Support to Ensure representation and effective communication for advocacy on achieving the following results:

    • Supporting the CFP Research and Advocacy Specialist, strengthen collaboration between different agencies and members of the humanitarian architecture in the district, including but not limited to government, relevant cluster leads, UN and I/NGO partners, media and local civil society;
    • Supporting the CFP Research and Advocacy Specialist in the district, advocate for the importance of establishing 2-way communication mechanisms with affected populations and follow up mechanisms;
    • Support to Advocate with focal points in obtaining localized common messages and coordinating dissemination of messages with media partners to reach affected communities;
    • Support to Advocate with local media to include coverage of important issues identified through community feedback in programmes to help close the feedback loop;
    • Support to Implement district level advocacy strategies in engaging with donors, humanitarian partners, government, private sector and civil society on community feedback throughout the reconstruction phase;
    • Prepare district level reports on community feedback;
    • Disseminate CFP advocacy materials, including monthly district and national reports;
    • Work with different agencies in tracking effectiveness of communicating with affected communities’ activities;
    • Support to Identify and build partnerships with local stakeholders for the purposes of strengthening the business case for coordinated community feedback mechanisms.