Program Officer FULLTIME


Closing date : 2019-03-17

Job Description :

    Program Officer

    Program Summary:

    The current program aims to improve the plastic waste management practices in Nepal while creating environmental, economic and social impact through the establishment of a self-sustainable recycling enterprise. The program works towards the recovery of waste PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles i.e., plastic bottles used for food/ beverage packaging, through recollection and recycling mechanism with all the major stakeholders brought together.

    Purpose of the Role:

    To lead the project towards the achievement of its strategic objectives through planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting on the project whilst acting as the bridge between upper management and the teams tasked with the actual execution of the project, and ensuring that the project outputs are delivered on the approved schedule.

    Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

    • Project Planning: Preparation of feasible work plans that achieve the goals of the project and align with the pre-designed project schedule.
    • Time and Resource Allocation: Define, schedule and estimate task duration and resource availability to develop and maintain a realistic project schedule.
    • Assembling and Leading Project Team: Carry out the role of a leader in the team and mobilize them for the implementation of the project activities.
    • Budgeting: Estimate accurate budgets for the project activities as per the significance, urgency and deliverable of the outputs.
    • Project Quality Assurance: Deliver the projects results as approved by the management and as required by the stakeholders.
    • Risk Management: Analyze the risks that can come across the project duration and be prepared tackle issues that might pose a threat to the successful delivery of the project.
    • Monitoring Progress: Constantly measure and compare project output against the approved plan.
    • Reporting and Documentation: Ensure proper reporting of each and every activity conducted under the project.
    • Any other duties as assigned by the management.

    Job Specification

    Education Level : Masters in Development Studies, Social Entrepreneurship, or a related discipline
    Experience Required : More than or equals to 1 year

    Professional Skills Required:

    • Good command of English language both spoken and written.
    • Have good knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
    • Able to work as part of a team in a cooperative and supportive way, particularly with staff with different background and age group.
    • Able to communicate complex issues in a concise, accessible and engaging way.
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities
    • Contract negotiation skills
    • Conflict resolution experience
    • Adaptability

    Source: Kantipur