Country Trainer-Enterprise Facilitation FULLTIME

Heifer International Nepal

Closing date : 2017-11-05

Job Description :

    Country Trainer-Enterprise Facilitation

    A. Support the development of the Enterprise Facilitator Management and Advisory Boards (50%)
    i. Efficiently manage day-to-day operations of the Enterprise Facilitation project 
    ii. Uphold and adhere to the client centered principles of Enterprise Facilitation 
    iii. Uphold and adhere to the policies and the directions of the organization 
    iv. Develop a network of communications throughout the community and at government level as needed 
    v. Continuously, conduct research for clients consistent with the aims and objectives of the project 
    vi. Represent the organization to other organizations, the media, and the public at large if asked to do so  
    vii. Finding resources, volunteers, including governmental resources as needed 
    viii. Identify innovative areas of business opportunities to develop and implement them in local, regional and national markets with the support of the enterprise facilitator. 
    ix. Support to develop family businesses seek to generate the greatest economic and social value with a gender perspective.  
    B. Operation and management (40%)
    i. Report regularly on operations and insure that the Project Management Team (PMT) and the Volunteer Network Team (VNT) are informed, in confidence, of all clients’ activities  
    ii. Establish and maintain an efficient record keeping system 
    iii. Provide a detailed report on activities carried out each month 
    iv. Maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive information 
    C. May perform other job-related duties as assigned (10%) 
    i. Perform all other duties that may be directed by the Project Management Board and the volunteer Resource Team from time to time in relation to the Enterprise Facilitation project
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