UI/UX Graphic Designer FULLTIME

Job Description :

    • A well-rounded UX/UI professional who connects the dots between business needs, innovation and good design
    • Experienced at driving a user experience from start-to-finish that delivers results, connects emotionally
    • Obsessed with good user-centered design practices and have an eye for detail
    • Experienced at creating and revising information architecture documents and diagrams including but not limited to: content diagrams, content maps, wire frame diagrams, comprehensive diagrams and static prototypes
    • Passionate about understanding (and keeping the team and clients in formed about) current and emerging UX/UI trends
    • Familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS design capabilities
    • Fluent in responsive design, mobile/tablet UI UX
    • 2 - 5 years of UX design experience (and the portfolio to prove it) as a key, hands on interaction/visual designer of a UI/UX team through the product development cycle of successfully launched web, mobile, and/or software applications
    • Digital Media Design, Fine Arts or related field is desired
    • Impeccable skills visual and motion design preferred


  • Location: Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu
  • Level: Senior Level
  • Salary: 50000
  • No. of Vacancy: 1

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