EC Site JAVA Development Engineer/ Architect (Development of healthcare service EC Site) FULLTIME

Job Description :

    Job Description:-

    • Responsible for development & architecture of EC site related system
    • Transaction process of all link business of EC site, inventory center, fare center, promotion center, Evaluation Center, Partner Center, Price Center, Product Center, Order Center and Contract Center related development work
    • Analyze existing system flaws, find bottlenecks in current systems, optimize & improve system algorithms to improve system performance
    • Support & review design proposals for major projects & identify issues & find solutions

    Qualification (required):-

    • The Basics of JAVA are solid, understanding the basic frames such as io, multi-thread & set some understanding of JVM principles
    • Understand the principles and mechanism of the open source frame used
    • Familiar with open source frames such as Spring and mybatis, familiar with the design and application of distributed systems, distributed, cache, familiar with mechanism such as message, rationally applied general distributed technology, can solve the problem
    • Understand multi-threaded and high-performance design and code and performance tuning
    • Advanced concurrent application development experience
    • Understand Linux operating system and large databases (Oracle, MySql)
    • Have extensive experience in SQL, optimization, E-commerce system experience is a plus


    • English




  • Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Level: Senior Level
  • No. of Vacancy: 1

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