Data Engineer (Development of healthcare service apps) FULLTIME

Job Description :

    Job Description:-

    • Offline calculation, real-time service and data product development
    • Data warehouse modeling and development
    • System requirements definition, external design, test design for development of web-based Smartphone, application
    • Inspection and specifications of existing system
    • Confirmation and adjustment of technical specifications with overseas companies


    Qualification (required):-

    • 3 years experience in big data, majoring in information processing technology or mathematics
    • Familiar with Hadoop system and can process data using MapReduce and Spark Streamin tools
    • Experience with Storm platform development and specification is a plus
    • Basic knowledge of JAVA language, familiar with Linux command, shell and Python
    • Springboot development experience is plus
    • Practical experience in performance tuning, algorithm efficiency and resource management of distributed computing



    • English




  • Location: Anamnagar, Kathmandu
  • Level: Senior Level
  • No. of Vacancy: 1

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