Data Analysis Professional (Responsible for data analysis of healthcare services) FULLTIME

Job Description :

    Job Description:-

    • Set up data analysis system and analyze each data
    • Create reports and provide data feedback through data mining and analysis
    • Through various data analyses, find trends in the industry and mobile products and provide feedback to the business
    • Mine and analyze operational data
    • Data support for process optimization and product improvement
    • Mange and improve the data analysis module of the project, establish data flow rules and anomaly warning mechanism

    Qualification (required):-

    • 5+ years of internet company data analysis and data management experience
    • Persons who have worked in the internet medical industry are preferred
    • Familiar with various data statistical models and data mining technology, independent and complete modeling practice experience
    • Mainstream data analysis tool and data mining tool can be used


    • English
    • Practical experience in general frameworks, distributed systems and high-performance communication frameworks




  • Location: Anamnagar, Kathmandu
  • Level: Senior Level
  • No. of Vacancy: 1

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