Application Product Manage (Development of healthcare services EC site) FULLTIME

Job Description :

    Job Description:-

    • Middle parts business, technical remodeling proposal and lead architectural design of upgrade
    • Promote optimization of structure and improvement of technology, efficiency of operation and maintenance
    • In-charge of system design and core module code development
    • Guidance to developers, online development progress management and quality maintenance

    Qualification (required):-

    • 3 years of JAVA development experience
    • Independent design or major design of medium to large-scale systems
    • Internet open platform overall design and experience in designing or designing a business origination independently
    • Familiar with network programming and multi-thread programming, Deep understanding of algorithms, data architecture, design and reconstruction
    • Experience in system design, development and adjustment
    • Basic middleware development, operation and maintenance experience


    • English
    • Practical experience in general frameworks, distributed systems and high-performance communication frameworks




  • Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Level: Senior Level
  • No. of Vacancy: 1

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