Why it is hard to get job in Nepal?

2017-07-12 23:59:58

Finding a job is not a big deal but finding a right job is the most difficult thing. Maybe you agree or not this is why you are not getting a job. Let's talk about some majors.

You have an incomplete profile.

When you create your resume or cv, you always put information that is not relevant and your profile looks confusing and incomplete. You must mention what is your goal and objectives? What you really want to do? What you have done so far even if it's only the college project. Try to demonstrate the genuine and complete profile and then you will find your match. Do not make your resume specific for some job vacancies. I would say what you study, what you have done and what you want to do are more than enough.

Just create a genuine profile at JOBSSTUDIOS.

You are not what companies are looking for?

Companies are also looking for new candidates, who can fill their space. But the problem is you are graduated but you can not fill the position. So you must be clear about your objectives then companies might find a way to adjust you. Companies also need to compromise here, but try to figure out what the industry is looking for. Try to fill in the gap in between you and what companies are looking for.

Graduation does not mean you know everything?

This is also a very big problem with the fresh graduates. Once you graduate you start polishing the feeling that you must get this kind of job, that kind of job, this kind of salary. But you need to understand the current market in Nepal and how companies are running as well. Just grab some new opportunities and try it for some time, try to build yourself and do not wait for the perfect match. Once you start somewhere you start having a different feeling.

Lack of vocational and technical training

We must accept the fact that the course content and syllabus in Nepal is really good and if you are a decent student then you should be able to grab more concept that will help you to get into the industry. But there is a limitation that it's more theoretical. we do not have enough spaces for experiment and tryouts. Try to make you more practical as possible. For eg: Getting a web development training might help the IT graduate.

Recruiters not ready to offer great openings.

The next big thing is to find real and genuine openings. Companies always try to find the best candidate and at very cheap cost as much as possible. There is a real gap between a job seeker and employer. we hope JobsStudios might help to remedy the gap that exist in between.

There are lots of other factors as well, but these are the common mistakes. Hope this helps. Drop your comments. If you like do not forget to share.