Why I started using jobsstudios?

2017-07-02 17:31:48

As a company owner, for me it was always hard to find  a correct employee. On the internet nobody can make sure that the employee has a genuine profile so where should I go and what should I do? Then, there are few, no no no very few job portals in Nepal that they can provide service to me. The process to contact with them verify the requirements bla bla bla and is always a pain in ass.

Another important things to me was money, the money they charge to post a single vacancy is too much. And I have to pay for a month and again I do not find my right candidates. Sometimes I found someone on very first 10 day and still I have to pay for a month. Then I found jobsstudios where I will pay as much as I want my post to appear. Wow thats one of the best I could have. Pay as you want, thats how it works.

The next thing is the interface of the other portals that we have it a moment. Do you think are those really easy to use.Frankly speaking sometimes I do not know what I am doing inside their system? For not computer expert, its so hard to use but its clearly opposite in case of jobsstudios. Nice and clean interface, easy to use. I can use it on my phones.

Wait, wait, wait I now can schedule a interview, notify the candidates from the system itself. My HR is now very happy, no opening files, phone calls an easy recruitment  process. 

For the rest, we are still trying and will keep you all posted as soon as we find anything.  

Try it and then decide whether you want to use it or not.