Visit Nepal 2020: Opportunities and Challenges

2019-12-30 16:35:41

As the world steps into the next decade, Nepal plans to welcome it with a tourism campaign ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ with the slogan “EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME”. Coming to Nepal is the beginning of an adventure that is only yours, which is truly a lifetime experience. From the most isolated and majestic Himalayas to the flatlands of Terai Nepal describes a clear experience of colors, sounds, sights, culture, religion, and different tastes as well. “Visit Nepal” welcomes you to enjoy spectacular moments in your life.

According to the government plan, by the end of 2020, 2 million tourists are expected to visit Nepal. This goal can be achieved because, over the past years, Nepali tourism has been getting constant growth. Many efforts have been reflected in the past to receive millions of international tourists but it constantly remained as difficult as ever. Nevertheless, now times are changing and Nepali tourism has displayed visible symbols of growth and improvement.

Reaching the mark of million tourists has inspirited the self-confidence of the Nepal Tourism Board. Nepal Tourism Board has decided to go for a purpose to achieve two million this year. This is a difficult task but there is nothing impossible before the highly active tourism entrepreneurs of the country.

Another reason why the Nepal tourism board seems to be more positive to achieve this target is, According to the World Tourism Organization, the number of worldwide tourist arrivals had increased to 1.6 billion in 2018. This was a 6% increase and WTO has estimated that international tourism will grow between 3-4% until 2020.

Attending the targeted of 2 million worldwide tourists in 2020 is simpler said than done. Some of the Challenges and Opportunities to visit Nepal 2020 are:

  • Source of Foreign Exchange

Tourism is the main strong root of receiving foreign exchange in Nepal. It can help in improving enterprise imbalance.

  • Increase Jobs

Tourism covers all trading enterprises which implement facilities for tourists. It covers resorts, tour agencies, trekking agencies, etc. As tourism develops these divisions are also developing which follows a number of personalities in it.

  • Exchange of culture and concept

Tourism enterprises help to transfer art and culture between Nepal and the rest of the globe. When tourist tours, he brings his theories and culture with himself. In the same way, tourists are also inspired by the culture and traditions of the citizens of the country. In this way, the tourism enterprise makes a common exchange of ideas and culture with the people of different backgrounds.

  • Increase in government revenue

Tourism is a major source of government income in the circumstances of Nepal. The government receives income from the tax, visa, fee, royalty, etc. This raises government income.

  • Help to develop infrastructure

Tourists are interested in travel, trekking, climbing, paddling, rafting, etc. These movements are associated with isolated areas. In order to take tourists to isolated areas, infrastructure facilities are necessary. Thus, it helps to develop infrastructures of those places.

  • Increase in Consciousness

Tourism makes it easy for communication with foreigners and it extends the level of understanding and awareness of people of the country.

At the moment, the immense work done by Nepali tourism with the intention of organizing Visit Nepal 2020 is an appropriate determination by the government. There cannot be a more desirable time to organizing Visit Nepal 2020 than now.

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