Team Building In An Organization

2019-10-25 16:48:49

Team building is the method of applying a range of activities in order to group individual employees into a team. A team is a group of like-minded people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the requirements of their customers by fulfilling their purpose and goals. “Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust around employees, helps in conflict resolution, encourages communication, and increases collaboration which in turn increases productivity.”  

Team building is an umbrella term for multiple types of activities used to improve social relations and define roles within teams, frequently involving collaborative assignments. It differs from team training, which is created by a business manager, which involves processes like learning and development (Internal or External) along with the involvement of an HR to increase the performance, rather than interpersonal connections. Team-building exercises aim to show and address interpersonal complications in a team relationship. It can also enforce structure on projects and help build team norms. Or, with the proper resources and goals, managers can take the facilitation of an external resource. External facilitation, by a skilled person, can give your team building a boost. 

No matter how you prefer to develop your group of employees into a team, the resulting connections will allow them to accomplish the work and goals of your company more effectively than a non-bonded group. As long as your focus is committed to team-building opportunities that lead themselves to the fulfillment of the actual work of the team, you are effectively building a team. In a larger organization, organization development staff can lead to team-building sessions. Many Human Resources practitioners are also pleased with leading team building sessions. But team building doesn't always have to have a meeting or a facilitated meeting to fulfill the goal of a team. You can build your own team by structuring projects and fun events that team members can enjoy together.

If you want to have a powerful team that provides the results required by your company, you have to pay attention to both process and team building. 80% of the success of a team is due to team building and working relationships. 20% is in the process knowing what to do. 

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