Strategies For Motivating Your Staff To Learn And Grow

2019-09-24 12:11:14

Employee learning and growth are essential parts of any business policy. To get the best out of your staff, which are your number one asset, they need to be open to learning and developing in the workplace, while you as the administrator need to be committed to motivating them to learn. Proper incentives, praise, approval and recognition and an actual work culture that values learning are some of the ways to boost staff motivation to expand and grow. 

According to David P. Morton and Robert S. Kaplan, “A company’s ability to innovate, improve, and learn ties directly to the company’s value".

Of course, there may be people who enjoy learning and will need little motivation, but not all of your employees will have the same mindset.

Here are some ways to learn and grow your staff in the workplace:

  • Create a strategic plan to improve employee performance: -

Make employee growth and learning part of your strategic preparation. In work, this could mean adjusting your human resource planning with your company purposes for the year and beyond.

  • Incentivize and recognize employee achievements:-

Administrators play a significant role in motivating employees to learn and grow, but this role should complement influence and recognizing achievements. Make it an organization’s culture to provide rewards and appreciation to employees when they go above and beyond performance standards.

  • Link employee growth to business outcomes:-

Meaning and purpose can be a highly effective fundamental motivators for staff. If you can link an employee’s growth to organizational benefits and outcomes, employees can feel rewarded with this type of honor. People get satisfied when the realize that their effort has amounted to something valuable.

  • Offer interesting and challenging work: -

Whenever possible, be open about redefining job information so your staff has a chance to do work that is innovative and challenging. The right degree of challenge can assist employees to go beyond their comfort zones. It can support a higher motivation to learn and develop.

  • Provide mentorship opportunities: -

Instructing and mentoring opportunities offer your team members invaluable possibilities for growth on the job as well as in their careers too. Mentoring can help build self-confidence in an employee. There are many unique ways to engage employees, build a confident and respectful company culture, and avoid high turnover. One-on-one coaching and mentoring can provide a trusting, safe space for employees and it brings extra motivations.

  • Stay positive:-

It’s been said that smiles are contagious, so if you remain positive and enthused to be at work every day, your staff will follow your lead. People do not want to please someone who is unpleasable, so being passionate about the work that is being done in your organization is important.

You can follow these tips to build a healthy and productive environment in your organization. Making employees motivated and satisfied can lead to individual employee growth as well as the overall growth of the company.

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