Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job

2020-02-06 17:17:51

Jumping into a new job offer sounds overwhelming, particularly if you’ve been unemployed a long time and you’re waiting for the right one. But don’t hurry to reply to that job offer just yet. There are some important things to ask about and know before applying for any job. There are so many things that one needs to question first while receiving job offers. Here is a list of some questions that might help you make a better decision about the job you’re so excited to apply for. These questions are prepared to help you make well-informed determinations about a potential job offer and not get absorbed into the final vision.  

If you are offered a new job, here are some of the important things that you need to ask with yourself first: 

  • What are my non-negotiables

An applicant’s professional goals and desired benefit package are unique to their profession and plans. That said you can’t always get everything you want. List your non-negotiables and consider carefully what you’re prepared to negotiate.  

  • Am I happy with the salary

Is the basic salary in line with your experience and similar positions in the area? Consider if it’s suitable for your expenses after taxes and other reductions. 

  • Is the company reputable and stable

You need to question the company’s reputation, and administration background before deciding to be a part of their team. Check reviews on Better Business Bureaus, and read feedback from their previous employees, etc.

 Now let's look at the questions to ask with HR when offered a job so you're better placed to negotiate with a potential employer.

  • When do you want me to start

Do they want you to start quickly or will you have a moment to get your jobs in order? These are the most important questions to ask before receiving a job offer.

  • How much paid and sick leave did I get

Paid and sick benefits modify depending on the people you’re in and the corporate culture of your employer. 

  • What will my everyday responsibilities be

You should ask this any way to verify that you are hiring up for the same duties that were shown and explained to you in the interview. 

  • What opportunities are available for professional growth

You might’ve forgotten your past job because you’re not happy with the career development opportunities available. So if you’re looking for professional growth, ask about the opportunities that will be available to you.

Now that you’re ready to ask yourself all these questions, you can use Jobsstudios to find the best jobs available in the market.