7 Tips to prepare for an Interview

2017-08-14 15:02:46

Finding a job is not an easy task. There are multiple ways to look for jobs. Multiple steps have to be completed before you are called for an interview. After completing all these the most annoying part is when your interview doesn’t even last for 10 minutes. So, this article will help you with tips and tricks for a better interview.

At the interview, the recruiter wants to evaluate your competences, behavior, and motivation. Brace yourself for the questions and answers. Think of all the possible questions that might be fired to you regarding your strengths and weaknesses. Be 100% prepared but make sure you don’t act like a parrot! Here are certain points that will help you through it:

Find out about the company:

You should be well known about the company that you are applying for. Interviewer mostly does not ask you about the company but you should at least have the basic understanding of what they do.

Appearance matters:

As they say “First impression is the last impression”.So, don’t lose your chance on this. Dress up in the best way you can but don’t get too carried away. Dress simple and try not to get too fancy.

Required documents:

It is very necessary for you to carry all the documents that are required for the interview. Your national ID, CV, education certificates, experience certificates and a couple of passport size photographs. Make sure you have them well organized and can present them as soon as it is asked. This also reflects the way you handle things in life.

Timing is must:

When you are scheduled for an interview, being too early or being late is out of the question. Try to arrive about 30 mins before the interview as this shows your punctuality and also will help to boost your morale as you start getting used to the new place.

Positive attitude:

You might have gained a lot of competences and experiences in your career. All that experience is valuable. So be positive and calm, do not criticize and blame others. Express what you know but don’t fake.

Practice with a friend:

Practicing not only will give you a way to structure your preparation, but it will also help you get comfortable with giving answers, telling reminiscences, and using appropriate terminology.

Smile and pay attention to your detail:

Smile is the easy thing which doesn’t cost anything. Once you reach to the interviewer smile, smile, and smile! A smile shows confidence and is communicative. Pay attention to every detail: handshake, non-verbal communication, body posture and so on.

Last topic and a very important one is “ Turn your phone to silent”. As, if your phone rings during an interview that might be a major factor that cause you to loose the job.

Hope the above topics help you with your next interview.