Industry Expectation From Fresh Graduates

2019-11-06 16:49:45

Every year, universities all around the world are producing ‘ready-for-work’ fresh graduates. In today's context, fresh university graduates are facing a lot of difficulties securing employment for themselves. Companies are refusing university graduate applications, stating that the applicants don't meet the said minimum requirement. On the other hand, universities are doing their best in order to make their graduates more employable. However, despite having excellent courses and hiring an industry practitioner to teach students the basics of industry cultures, there is still a gap between university education and industry expectations.

In a recent communication with one of the top business universities of Nepal, they proudly claimed about how great their curriculum is and how they are developing their students by taking help from experts from top multinational corporations working in Nepal. They emphasized the need for students to learn about global trends. They suggested graduates understand what knowledge should be required to secure a job.

Following are some of the techniques universities and students can follow for better placement opportunities. Here we have listed out a few of the major expectations of the industry from graduates:-

  • Communication Skills:

If graduates are expecting to be hired into a good firm or corporation, they need to have sound communication skills. All the complicated systems and laws are of no use if the candidate cannot communicate his thoughts in proper words. Good knowledge of English and the ability to communicate effectively thus play a vital role.

  • Knowledge Beyond the Textbooks:

Corporations look for individuals who can go beyond the books and think outside the box. You need to be relevant and think intellectually. Confining yourself to bookish knowledge does not make you a good graduate/intern.

  • Ability to Lead:

While there are many graduates who score well in their papers, there are extremely few who are true leaders. Most of the graduates just follow the path shown by the great minds of the past. If you want to be hired by one of the leading organizations, you must learn the ability to lead.

  • Positive approach:

Achieving a good placement is a path full of challenges. You need to maintain the spirit to face these challenges. A positive approach is thus a must in the career of every job. To work in such an environment, you need to maintain courage and a strong responsibility sense. Individuals who hold a truly strong positive approach can achieve in such kinds of jobs. To survive in an enterprise environment, you need to maintain this positive attitude.

  • Updated with Latest Technology:

The greatest risk of being in a field of technology is that the technology existing now can become obsolete very quickly. You must be prepared to update your skills to match the latest in technology. This rule is particularly relevant for IT engineers. The code or language used at present can get replaced with a better and user-friendly version and you need to adapt yourself accordingly. 

  • Ability to Multitask:

While the focus is an important aspect in career, there is something more important than focus on the career. It is the capacity to multitask. Employees may have to shoulder several responsibilities at the same time. This may not be possible for individuals who focus their full attention on one thing. That is when the capacity to multitask becomes extremely crucial.

These are some of the factors which can help fresh university graduates to find their way around the competitive job market. To help the young and enthusiastic university graduates, JobsStudios provides a free platform where they can easily find the right job for them. JobsStudios helps you with creating your CV and getting the right placement.